About Us

Sacha Torkkeli R.N, BSc.N, Owner

Sacha has been in health care for over fifteen years, serving Northwestern Ontario. She  received her nursing degree from Lakehead University in 2012 and completed her Basic, Advanced and Diabetic foot care training in Southern Ontario. Before being a Registered Nurse, Sacha was a trained Laboratory Technician at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Science  Centre.  

Sacha has the educational training, experience, and skills that make her uniquely qualified to manage various foot conditions, including corns, calluses, ingrown nails, fungal nails and providing safe and gentle diabetic foot care.  

Experienced in emergency room medicine, acute and long-term care, Sacha has expertise with various foot problems complicated by medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, circulatory  disease, dementia, and changes associated with the ageing process. Additionally, Sacha manages a diabetic program that focuses on self-empowerment, education, treatment, and diabetic foot complications prevention.

Robyn Garrett, R.P.N

Robyn has been in the healthcare field for over seven years, receiving her Practical Nursing diploma from Confederation College in 2013. Robyn has worked in various fields, including addictions and mental health, long-term care, and medical inpatient units at Thunder Bay  Regional Health Sciences Centre. In 2018, she completed her Basic and Advanced, Diabetic  foot care training with Foot Care Kingston and has since been employed in foot care.  

Robyn’s passion for helping is just one of the many reasons she is qualified to work in the healthcare industry. She provides outstanding service, and she gives her clients the tools and education they need to keep their bodies happy and healthy. 

Donna Hope-Zaffino R.P.N

Donna has been providing nursing care in our community for the last 24 years and has been practicing Basic, Advanced and Diabetic Foot Care for over 20 years. She earned her HBA in  Sociology with a Minor Degree in Gerontology from Lakehead University and received her Nursing Diploma from Confederation College.  

While having practiced in both Long Term Care and our Community, Donna values the  importance of treating others holistically with a client-centred philosophy. With that approach, she has continued her education in wound care, diabetic foot care and the reduction of foot care  complications, client care education in dementia and compression therapy. In 2014, Donna took a Foot Care Nurse Theory refresher course through Foot Care Training and took part in the  workshops and training sessions as both a participant and a team member.  

Along with having the experience to treat a variety of foot care alignments such as ingrown nails, calluses or corns, Donna also stresses the importance of regular foot care for those impacted by many disease processes such as diabetes, vascular disease, arthritis and mobility concerns and emphasizes preventative care as the key to a greater quality of life.

Janet Twomey R.P.N

Janet has worked in community nursing and foot care since 2012. She graduated from  Confederation College as a Registered Practical Nurse and immediately obtained her  Certification in Advanced Foot Care in Southern Ontario. Janet also holds a degree in Forestry  from Lakehead University. For many years, Janet was a First Aid, Lifeguard and Swimming  Instructor. She also likes to quilt, make pottery, and garden in her spare time.


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